Here you can find out more about which events our Peak Performance Multisport athletes have taken part in, training tips, free training sessions and posts from our guest blogger Fay on how women can manage training with the menopause.

Over training or the Menopause?

Image from Breakfast TV Monday 13.5.19   Over training or the Peri-Menopause                                                ‘Hot topic of the Week’   It was great to see Louise Minchin (Fellow GBR AG Triathlete) taking on the feature theme: ‘Wake up to the Menopause’ on BBC Breakfast(May 12-17th 2019) and for her to share personal experiences of the Peri- […]

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Lost Your Mojo?

Menopause blog 4 lost your Mojo? Well it’s not surprising… We’ve hit that age when our parents probably need more care and support, they are much older, frailer and more vulnerable.  If you have children they will be stressing over GCSE’s, A levels, University, travelling the World, relationships, work, finances etc which impacts your purse […]

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Anxiety Hi ladies my next blog is enough to give you the jitters, its about Perimenopausal Anxiety thanks to master track athlete Clare Barr for sharing her story thus far. In this blog I am going to highlight the symptom of Anxiety. I received a really useful email after my first blog from a Masters […]

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What a pain!

What a pain! Happy New Year and as promised, my next blog. I wanted to research and share my thoughts about whether the increase in frequency of injuries/ of bodily aches and pains are a consequence of the Peri-menopause in women? I have noticed over the past few years that I have started to get […]

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Charlotte Windsor Tri

Charlotte Brown – Royal Windsor Triathlon 2018 Race Report

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this event but, despite a ridiculous 3:30am wakeup call, I managed to pull my fastest every sprint distance race out of the bag! This was my first time doing the Royal Windsor Triathlon and I must admit I hadn’t been looking forward to it. The main reason for […]

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